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Yarok-  az

“Yarok Az was created from a dream to combine between a life style we were seeking and a hobby- simple self-sustainable life and our joy to open the door to anyone who wants to come”

Hadar Barkai

We are delighted to invite you to come and stay with us at the “Yarok Az” Ecological Farm.

Our farm, which can be found on Moshav Ilaniya (a single bus-ride away from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa), is based on the system of ecological design called “Permaculture”. By adopting this system we attempt to return to the Autarky way of living (as much as possible) to provide for the needs of our (extended) family.

Come and experience our vegetable garden and be amazed by the many food bearing trees around the property (season dependent of course) – avocado, passion fruit, mandarin, clementine, grapefruit, fig, grapes and many olive trees. In addition be assured that as you walk around you will be greeted by the family and the many farm animals that live with us all. Our resident goats – Carolina, Cleopatra, and Lily who provide goats milk to make other products such as Yogurt and Labaneh and our newest additions of sweet little kid goats; as well as chickens; guinea pigs; and the many singing frogs that live in our fish pond.

“I know that for some of the people that have been here it was a life changing experience! Not because of us, but thanks to the energies of the place”